Thursday, 15 September 2011

An update...


Thanks again to everyone who's been checking out this blog. I am so moved by the response that it continues to get from family, friends and all who stray onto these pages.

I must admit that I've been pretty exhausted during the past week but thankfully my energy levels are picking up a bit now.

I have been getting used to the PICC line that has been inserted into my arm to make the chemo easier. Many of you will know that I was pretty nervous but thanks to my aunt and cousin's presence during my appointment, along with the patience and true professionalism of the nurse, I managed to get through the procedure with only a few tears... apparently I was brave... although I'm still waiting for the sticker to prove it ;)
Cut up stripey socks...Chemo Chic?!

My next chemo was indeed much easier and I have cut a stripey sock up to cover the line in true Kat style.

I've filmed my chemo session after I had the PICC line so I'll be posting it as soon as I've worked out how to get the footage up from the new camera.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my fourth chemo session next week will hopefully be a half way point in my treatment. I have a scan booked for the start of October to find out how I am responding and whether I'll need any more.  I'll let you know when I hear.

In the mean time, I am orgainising a singaround. I've grown up singing traditional folk songs and since music is a great tonic I am hoping to get an evening sorted in November. It'll be a chance to enjoy myself and raise funds for some Lymphoma charities that are doing incredible work.

It's funny how something like ill health can impact on life. I know that a lot of people are worried about me but there are some really positive things coming out of this. I feel incredibly loved and massively motivated. This blog and hopefully my music evening can be very beneficial results to come out of all this. I just thank my lucky stars to be experiencing this at a time when the medical world is so switched on with the way it treats patients like me. It also seems apt that as it's Lymphoma Awareness week I thank Leukaemia & Lymphoma ResearchLymphoma Association and also the fantastic Maggies Cancer Care Centres for their support and the strength they give patients like myself. I really am very grateful.

Love, peace and good health to you all,
Kat. x

Ps. I promise to respond to all the lovely messages that I've received since my diagnosis. I have been a bit slack so far but I really want to sit down and give them the time they deserve. They have meant a lot to me.

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