Saturday, 20 August 2011

Welcome to my new site! :)

Apologies to everyone for being a bit crap at replying to messages recently. I've had some really brilliant ones and I want to sit down and give the replies proper thought. However, I've been a bit absorbed with recent events as well as setting up this web site.

I plan to talk about my Hodgkin Lymphoma and the chemo I'm having. I've uploaded a couple of vlogs that I've made so far and there are more to come. I want to keep this all quite public for a couple of reasons. Firstly, everyone's support has been a real help. I feel very blessed to know so many of you kind and wonderful people. But secondly, I've realised how many people are going through similar situations and I'm hoping my experiences might be helpful. So please feel free to check my videos out and forward them on if you think they are in any way useful or of interest to some one you know... who knows... maybe my ramblings will help more than just me! ;)

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