Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Evil Crab: The Ultimate Chemo Kit

The fantastic blog by Chinot has some helpful hints... If anyone else has similar sources of advice I am all ears.
The Evil Crab: The Ultimate Chemo Kit: I'd been meaning to post about this for ages, and in the absence of anything else to write about, here it is, finally. First of all, a cou...

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  1. Hi Kat, sorry to hear about the diagnosis but I know you will kick this cancers ass! unfortunately like too many people these days I've seen cancer affect my family and the various trials and tribulations that come with that. The one thing I can safely say is that with the approach your taking head on and with humour is by far the best I've seen - so cant wait to hear how you get on your hols and expect to see a vlog from the festival.
    Take care