Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bright sunny days, cold beers and a bit of brass!

What's more lovely in Summer than to sit outside on a hot day, listening to free gigs on our nations beautiful bandstands! Here's a little film to keep the sunshine glowing bright, care of the wonderful and very talented Onyx Brass... Oh, and I might have had a hand in making what you are about to see. 

Onyx on stage... me on camera.
Photo: Nicky Thomas Media
Onyx Brass are touring the UK from today, playing free gigs in bandstands. London will feature on their schedule in May and June but any of you in Glasgow can see them playing today. 

Never work with children or animals...
unless they appreciate your efforts that is!
Photo: Nicky Thomas Media
Tour de Brass will also be bringing cheer and dulcet brass tones to bandstands across East Anglia, the South West, the North East, the North West and another date in Glasgow. 

I would highly recommend checking them out! ... even if I have been listening to one of their tunes on loop whilst editing the video... I still love their sound! ... in fact I'm humming it now ;)

22 March - Glasgow:

18 May - East Anglia:
Ludham Festival, Great Yarmouth, Bury St Edmunds Festival

20 May - London:
Victoria Embankment Gardens, Hyde Park Bandstand

28-30 June - South West:
Beaminster Festival, Devon, Somerset, Dorset

5 July - London:
Southbank Centre Festival

12-13 July - North East:
Durham Brass Festival, Superact's "Our Big Gig", Durham County, Miner's Gala, Auckland Castle, Barnard Castle

2 August - Glasgow:
Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival

7 September - North West:
Liverpool, Widnes, Chester

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